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We are 2 sisters who own a boutique fitness & Wellness studio in a small town with an incredible friend & team member, Adina. We focus on community connection, creating this space for personal training, fitness classes, small group training, nutrition and retail. It’s a place to come and enjoy socially, physically and spiritually.
We have a monthly online program #mfrvirtualprogram where we host through a private FB group. It consists of Live workouts + pre recorded workouts, yoga and nutrition.
We believe strongly that movement is medicine and we will continue to provide this community a place to become healthy and live happy.
Join us in studio, online or BOTH!

Top faves

Our daily rituals

These are our top products that we live and breathe everyday. Our physical and mental well being fit organically with these products allowing us to feel our best, perform our best and to heal ourselves from the toxic modern day world.


Our Multivitamin + MagneCal D & booster.
Multivitamin consists of :
2 core minerals
2 vita antioxidants.
These provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that your body needs due to the lack of nutrient density foods we consume in our diet.
Health starts with your cells. Your multivitamin will nourish, protect and renew your cells. It will activate your body’s natural response to stress and fight against free radicals.

MagneCal D is magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. These supplements need to be taken together to give the most optimal amount of nutrients with complete absorption and maximum effectiveness.
Provides strong bones, teeth, helps muscles and nerve function, energy metabolism and improves cardiovascular health.

The booster supplement has 4 cell activating ingredients.
Pterocarpus marsupium
Alpha lipoic acid
All of which clear our cell signaling pathways to help fight the cellular aging effects from the modern world and maintain normal function.

Nutrimeal Active

The protein powder with balanced
macronutrients + micronutrients, high fiber which supports a healthy gut, low glycemic carbohydrates, with a delicious creamy vanilla or chocolate flavour. This is your meal replacement shake for weight management, energy, healing, muscle building, fat blasting, and to curb those cravings!
This shake is easy for on the go nutrition. You can get big bags or single packets which makes it easy to take anywhere with you.
Give your body and brain the nutrition it needs to power through your busy days. Don’t skip meals, take Nutrimeal!

Watermelon Electrolytes

The Pink drink.
This is what you need to replenish your body and replace those minerals lost post sweat. It maintains healthy hydration levels, supports healthy muscles, maintains energy and mental clarity.
Electrolytes are minerals with electrical charges.
Minerals in the pink drink are sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
This drink will give you the fuel you need to hit those goals and function optimally.
Stay hydrated!

My YouTube Channel


Our YouTube channel where we post workouts,
Moves and all things fitness.

Bosu Move

To the beat (no audio here. Check it out on IG)


“What I do everyday matters more then what I do once in a while” Gretchen Rubin  —

Movement is the foundation of a healthy & happy life