My hobbies

Crafts and hobbies you can do at home

Hi! I'm Ashley Jaden and I was born on March 2007. Ever since the pandemic, I've always been bored and unmotivated in school and life in general. So I tried to explore many things and realized that there's so much more that I didn't know yet and I had fun experimenting with different hobbies, crafts, sports, etc.

I made this website not only because I was bored, but I also wanted to share the different things I learned and explored for the past 2 years. It consists of random things and I don't personally have an "aesthetic" so you may see some hobbies you have and don't have. Enjoy!

#1: Crochet Bucket Hat (for toddlers)

Make some bucket hats for you or your loved ones! Bucket hats are trendy and comfy, great for some outdoor walks. The crochet bucket hat you see above is for my 3 year old cousin and i made that for christmas. You can check out the link below in a tutorial how I made this cute bucket hat!

#2 Instruments

What is more exciting this pandemic than to play instruments? Well if ever you don't play instruments this is the sign for you! I play the guitar, ukulele, and recorder, and currently learning piano. It takes a bit of time and patience to learn and master them, but it's overwhelming to see the results. Try it!