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Our Pina Colada juice is #1 top seller & customer favourite!

If you are not too keen on our coffees or choco-chocolate, don't worry - WE GOT THIS!

Whilst you experience and receive the same weight management benefits, one sachet a day can take you back to memories of those cocktails and those Friday nights blues!

Our Pina Colada can help you achieve your goals, dream body and make you feel fabulous whenever imagining or actually laying down on the beach, ssssippping away!

*This product does contain whey protien

For full product info & ingredients please get in touch!


And here it is!

Our most delicious, most favourable and chocolately weight management drink! - SlimRoast Hot Chocolate!

Our SlimRoast chocolate is fully packed some of the finest cocoa powder inside which will most definetley settle any chocolate cravings! Its available im sachets or tubs - to suit your liking and doses, as you can always have more than one!

Who said it has to be boring?! Recreate your fav Starbucks or Costas chocolate by topping it up with cream, marshamallows, sprinkles or other toppings! You can stay busy topping it up, whilst our SlimRoast Chocolate will take care of your weight management!

Perfect for cold morning&nights, those chocolate cravings or just a everyday drink!

Did you say, COFFEE?☕

Are you a coffee lover? We got you!

We are delighted to present to you some of the healthiest supply of coffee, packed with unbelievable benefits from 100% natural ingredients!

Weight management and coffee never has been more simple and delicious! No strict or crazy diets required with any of our products, although the healtheir lifestyle the better!

Choose from our 3 amazing blends :
BRAND NEW Europa Joe Arabica Style


Lets not forget about our immune systems!

Just one sachet a day of our immune berry boost drink can help your immune system power up to 10000% for the day!

Have you ever strugguled with weak immune system? Have those colds or runny nose driven you insane? Or just feeling "low battery" at all ultimatley what it comes down to is the power of your immune system!
Every sachet is packed with antioxidants from some of the most nutrient-rich fruit & veggie sources on the planet- let us help POWER UP your body!


A strong immunity has never been more important! How many of you have tried to Level UP your immunity by healthy diets, consuming certain foods but still ended up with runny noses or nasty coughs especially throughout the winter season?

At the same time of protecting and boosting your immune system, it focuses of protecting your cells from oxidatives stress, revitalises your energy and have a positive effect on your metabolism!

Out C-Defenz is packed with highest amouny of vitamins and nutrients with a specially designed formula to support and protect you and your body!


Are you experiencing anxiety? Sleepless nights?

Or want some more support with weightloss whilst you sleep? This is the #1!

Let me introduce you to our liquid gold ! Our Hiburn8 is designed to help you manage your weightloss for 8hrs whilst you sleep, reduce stress and anxiety levels thanks to its amazing and unique ingredients like lemon balm and aloe!

So why not lose weight and sleep well?!

**Product recommemded to be kept in fridge!


Instant youth is an unbelievable skincare cream, which we call "Botox in a tub".

Not only will it help you in the long run reduce your fine lines, wrinkles & imperfections but it delivers these results within minutes and pain free! If you would like to see some before & afters just reach out, and we will supply with amazing before and after photos!
This product is a favourite under a full face of makeup to trap excess oils, keep the skin looking matte - flawless & pores minimised
The tub lasts 3-4 months and its worth every penny!


A bottle, containing purple serum, that will transform your skin to its best condition!

Yes! You heard me right!

This serum is full of the worlds purest sourced fruit & veggie extracts and also filled with 100& natural ingredients. Our customers have seen reduced acne scarring, spots, blemishes and clearer brighter skin!

Collagen COMPLEX

Our Collagen Complex is formulated with ingredients that stimulate naturally the productioj of collagen in our bodies, favouring healthy :

Muscles & Cartiage
Healthy Skin

Its a perfext and efficient way to maintain healthy joints, muscles and glowing skin!


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