LendingOwl, LLC

A next Evolution DEFI Loan Network on Telegram

LendingOwl is a P2P Decentralised lending Network that operates entirely on the Telegram messenger app.

Users can access personal loans of a maximum of $25000 to a minimum of $1000 be it in Crypto or Fiat currency. Securing a loan is easy, No credit checks, no KYC. Users are able to secure loans with just 30% of the loan amount as collateral.
It is most ideal for;
√ Students who need quick funds to pay for fees.
√ Business Owners who want additional funds for business.
√ Crypto Holders who want interest on their idle coins etc.

Introduction to LendingOwl

We partnered with the University Of The People to provide free education to students Worldwide.

About Us!

LendingOwl, LLC (Telegrams AI powered Loan Network.)

LendingOwl, LLC is a non-custodial cryptographic platform that makes it possible for any two anonymous parties👥 from anywhere in the world to Lend And Borrow directly to and from each other, without the need for a trusted third party🏈 through the use of Eth Smart Contracts.

Our strategic partnership with Primetrust(A Digital Insurance Firm) provides insurance for our user funds in case of mismanagement or theft.

LendingOwl, LLC makes use of AI technology to make sure that it's Bot software works effectively and to ensure the smooth running of all it's network.

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