tips !

how to be aesthetic 🍉

hiii, today I want to help you to be more aesthetic or get popular on tiktok or insta 💐 !

first : be nice to everyone comment and follow people 🌺 .

second : use popular hashtags and thing that have to do in your video 🌈 .

third : don’t use too much filters , it may makes some videos looks crusty , things are prettier natural 🌊 .

fourth : don’t vlog unnecessary things 🌵 .

and for right now those are my tips 🌞
⚡️ 🌴 !

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explaining the evil eye 🧿

what is the evil eye ?

the evil eye is not an aesthetic it’s as a huge meaning inside of it ; ‘ The Nazar’ more known as ‘Evil eye’ is over 5000 years old. It is found in all major religions and throughout countless cultures .
It is believed that the evil eye protects it’s owner from evil spirit the jealousy and the ill will of others by peering back them in their spirit realm. It is worn as a protection talismán and place upon the joke, car and altar

  1. recommendation #1

    recommendation #1

    dont use the evil eye without knowing it’s meaning and please don’t use it because you think it’s aesthetic ☁️

healthy diet 💞

tips 🥥

some tips for a healthy diet !

1. Fruit and veggies are your new best friends.

2. Drink water before eating .

3. Form put to much pressure on yourself take care of yourself and you can atleast once a month break the diet .

4. Make noodles out of veggies !