happy 20 months my baby 🥺

my sweetheart 💕

20 months
608 days
14 592 hours
875 520 minutes
52 531 200 seconds

yes, it's been a hectic 20 months but i wouldn't have wanted it to be with anyone else my angel🥺

my love of my life ♡

you came into my life, so unexpectedly 🦋, on the 02 April 2020.
you made my 🌏 all about you
the butterflies 🦋, my body🤰, my heart❤, mind🧠 and soul👫 is all set on you my angel🥺.

you stole my ❤, and made it your property. i am definitely not complaining 😭.
you make me laugh so much that my tummy hurts😌.
you changed my whole life❤.

you are beyond amazing my sweetheart 😍😍

you taught me so much:

1) how to be happy no matter what☺
2) remain positive 😆
3) never stress🥺
4) express your feelings🥰
5) always be patient 👀❤
6) stay kind and humble☺
7) and also, I've learnt so much about our deen🥺

things i might steal from you:

1) your surname 😝 (dixon)💍💍
2) your heart❤
3) your future😭💍
4) your space in the bed😂
5) all your clothes😍
6) your food🍔🍟🍕🌮🍿


you are AMAZING 😍
you are WONDERFUL 🥰
you are KIND☺
you are THE SWEETEST 🥺
you are SEXY AF😍😍😍😍
you are HANDSOME😝
you are CHARMING😌
you are MY LOVE❤
you are MINE !


i can't wait to make you a baby daddy🥺. i have no doubt that you'll be a wonderful daddy to our baba's. you are the most important and special person in my life baby🥺❤. even tho i can't handle all the love you give me, i am eternally grateful for all your support my angel🥺. i am always at my happiest with you my baby🥺. you make every day seem so worth it <3 shukran for the best time of my life baby🥺.

my hubby 💍

my baby daddy🥵, life with you in it, has been wonderful😭❤. I can't wait for the day I am yours🥰. I can't wait to spend my life with you. i can't wait to be your wife ❤. I can't wait to admire you when you're practicing our deen😭. I can't wait to support you in all your goals, and help you achieve them all❤. because I really believe in you❤. I will always stand right behind you, and give you that little extra push when you need it🥺❤.

my number 1 🙌

you have made me feel beyond special 🥺❤.
and I am more than happy when I am with you🥺❤.

the absolute sexiest 😍😭!

I love you my baby
I love everything about you my baby🥺❤
the way you'd pull your lips when you get angry at me🥺, scrunch your eyebrows when you're confused🥺❤.
lock your jaw when someone works on your nerves🤣🥺. suma roll your eyes also sometimes 🙈🥺.
the small smile you'd give when you say I am cute🤣🥰❤. the way you wet your lips😏😏😏❤. yes I am not the only one with wet lips😌❤🥺.
let's not forget those sexy winks😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍❤
and the smiles, cute ones and big ones🥺❤
I am in love with the way your eyebrow lifts up when you're being serious🥺❤, and asking a question
the way you smirk when you wanna look sexy🤪❤. jk, you only smirk when you say I look sexy mannn😂😭❤. or when you taking ghat of me🙄❤.
baby, I admire and adore everything about you🥺❤. the way I have to look up at you and talk🤣❤. heheeee🥺. when we'd walk on the sidewalk and you'd move me to walk on the other side❤. baby, its the little things that makes my heart beat faster, and makes the butterflies fly marathons😭🥺❤. the way you care for me baby🥺❤. making sure I am always okay🥺. putting me first, always above yourself😭. loving me, and making me feel more than loved🥺❤, treating me like I am a princess🥺❤, and for adoring me as if I am the only girl on this planet.

my jannat partner 🤪

shukran for being the bestest bestie I could ever ask for😍😍.
you're the only person I wanna tell all my secrets to, but you know all, so haaties🤣😭. you're the first person I think of when I wake up, and the first person I wanna talk to🥺🥺🥺❤. you're the first and only person I want to share everything with😭❤, evens ice cream and doughnuts🥺, just so that you can be close to me🥺❤.

shukran for everything baby❤

you have a heart of gold 😍

each time we meet, I forget about the entire world around me🥺❤. you take all my attention and I am so in love with everything about you😍.
each moment spent with you, is a moment I will never regret angel😭.
my heart is entirely yours ❤❤❤❤.

i love you so so so so so much my baby🥺❤.
shukran for being my encouragement for eveything❤!
shukran for motivating me all the way😍
shukran for loving me
shukran for being my biggest support system🐒and my number 1 fan🥺.
shukran for allowing me to be me with you❤
shukran for teaching me so much,  and making me want to be a better person for you.

i am forever grateful for everything you do baby🥺❤.
me and your babies love you.

I love you with my entire heart and soul 😭🥺❤
you are my everything . you're all I've ever wanted. and definitely the bestest ever🥺❤.
I love you my bestestfriend 🥰.

it will always be ,
me and you my baby😭❤!

i love you my baby daddy🥺🥰❤.

your princess 👸