A bit about me

You are amazing

Hi! You can call me Kassie. I run a Charli fanpage on tiktok and instagram. You can follow it at @conch.char on instagram and tiktok but on YouTube you can find me @mymelodychars. I am a huge Sanrio fan if you can't tell.. I really like to make photo edits on picsart and make video edits not on picsart. I always have wanted to be like a Famous YouTuber, tiktoker, or instagram blogger. It has just been one of my dreams. On my YouTube channel you can see one of my first videos everrrrrr and it is with my old bsf... heh. We aren't friends anymore but the video is really old and funny so check it out! I also post every Tuesday on there!! I like to play video games like animal crossing and that type of stuff. I consider myself a "pro" at animal crossing because I have really good villagers. (I have no clue how I got them heh) on my animal crossing I have Stitches, Zucker, Whitney, Kid Cat, Audie, Sherb, Marshal, Judy, Marina, and then I have Peanut but I might get rid of her :). Also I am going to beg my mom for switch online so maybe we can play on live together.