x can make it

💕''My mom can make it through a sleepless night''

💕''My mom can make it through a headache... a migraine!"

💕''My mom can make it through a busy day''

💕''My mom can make it through 5 piles of laundry... to be sorted... washed... dried... folded... or hung... and then put away''

💕'My mom can make it through piles of dishes''

'💕'My mom can make it as a Teacher''

💕''My mom can make it in her Monat Business''

💕''My mom can make it with our Family Business @eventdecor.mcb''

💕''My mom can make it through the day''

Some days are crazy and some can be so tough - mentally, emotionally, physically, you name it. But no matter the task, obstacle or challenge, I always think about my ''why'' - why I continue to keep going and growing, doing the things I do or don't do.

Each day is so precious and no matter if it's full of hard stuff, it's still a blessing.

"The days are long but the years are short".

I may not know all the answers to questions like what tomorrow will look like or bring. Sometimes I look at my long list of things to do and wonder how and when any of them can possibly get done... BUT, my kids are "why", and that's the only answer that matters.

One thing at a time, one day at a time. Day One over One Day.

Sometimes I have to take it one hour at a time... or one minute at a time, and that's ok. Give yourself grace. You're doing amazing. You're doing the best you can with what you can, right now❤️

*insert yourself* can make it

my mom can make it

Hi, my name is Clarizza and I am a Catholic, Wife and Mom to a Toddler & Baby. I used to work as a Teacher but have not gone back since my Maternity Leave ended in 2020. I am an Early Child Educstor and Teacher Qualified to Teach Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Special Education. I started my Monat journey during Maternity Leave and I am now a Managing Market Builder!

My daughter inspired @myMomCanMakeIt because it helped to hear her voice in my head proudly saying "My mom can make it"... Whether that be making personalized items, starting my own Business with Monat, mentoring a team, empowering others, working on self-development and personal growth, cleaning, organizing and decorating our house, doing 3 loads of laundry in a day and trying to fold at least one, attempting to cook, sleep-training, finding time to shower or just staying calm to make it through the day...

Basically, I wanted to share my messy, busy, exciting, fun-filled, beautiful reality with you and to remind everyone that - you too *can make it* in this world, whatever that may mean for you at the time, which can be constantly changing. Sometimes the goal may to simply just make it through the day, and that's ok, *you can make it*!

May we inspire one another and be inspired, support and empower one another, grow together, and even share a smile or laugh. May we be a blessing to others as we have been blessed 💜

I entered an Instagram Giveaway (not even knowing about the products I could win lol, I just knew the host of the Giveaway has experience with luxury and premium products so I trusted her). I won!!!! I got products specifically for my hair type, concerns and goals (Post Partum Hairloss, Oily Scalp and Lack of Volume). I loved the products and joined as a Market Partner. Who knew an Instagram Giveaway could be life-changing! The flexibility of Monat means I can work from home with my daughter and son, work literally on their time with ✅No Pressure & No Stress ✅No Quotas ✅No Inventory ✅No Obligation to Sell ✅No Obligation to Buy. I Simply Share Products I've been loving and using on myself, my daughter and husband with the intention to help others in a similar way. I've made an income while making an impact ❤️ We all social sell when we recommend movies or shows to watch on Netflix, restaurants to order take out from, what to buy from Amazon or sales we got on clothing. Monat is so much more than an opportunity to earn an extra income though. Ever since I joined Monat, I've never felt more empowered. I initially joined for the awesome discounts on their Premium Naturally-Based & Clinically Proven Hair & Skincare Products. The perks, incentives and bonuses were also very rewarding, but what I've grown to love most is the community of strong like-minded people who support and inspire you on a daily. I feel like I've grown so much on a personal level in such a short time. I've gotten to know many other moms just like myself and have also met nurses, hairstylists, flight attendants, other business owners, students... the list goes on. The beauty is that we may be coming from different walks of life but we come together for the same purpose of helping others while lifting one another up. You're already washing your hair. You're already recommending products you love to people. You're already doing what it takes. Monat has changed my hair and skin; the opportunity has changed my life. Ask me how it can change yours.

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We all have the same 24hrs in a day. I will personally help you and we can go at your pace, which is great because there's NO quotas, NO inventory, NO monthly fees, NO obligation to buy and NO obligation to sell, so NO pressure. I'm a busy mom to a toddler and baby with a husband that works 12 hour shifts at the hospital, I work on my own time while prioritizing family. This can be your only income like me, main source of income or simply extra income. You will be joining the fastest growing teams in Canada; we're all here to support and empower you. Our team is full of moms (including my friend who is a teacher + another business owner on top of Monat + a mom of a teenager + triplets), nurses, students, hairstylists, salon owners, other business owners and more. You are your own boss and can do this business in the pockets of your day as you see fit.
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💼"I don't want to be salesy"
Good, because I like to focus on sharing over selling🥰
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That Girl

"I don't want to be THAT girl"

"I don't want to be THAT girl"
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