You and I

You're my one and only love

Hey baby, i have no idea that we'll meet each other and be lovers. This is just a small thing to let you know that you're my sunshine and that i love you so so much.

Our First Talk

It never came to my mind that i'll find someone here in rpw. Good thing, a good friend of ours introduced you to me. It was a wonderful moment in my life. You became a top priority to me. You're so understanding and lovable, everything you do is cute. I find you really interesting.

You are like a missing piece of puzzle that came and completed my life.

I was never really into relationships after what happened to the past but every thing, every opinion and every insight of mine seem to change when you came.

It never crossed my mind that i would be this whipped for someone again.

But I'm glad that i have you.

To call you princess.

To call you Baby.

To call you love.

And to be my comforter in times of struggle and doubt.

you're my best part

Click the link on the next slide and fast-forward it to 0:40. Play it until 1:20.

That's what you are to me baby.