7th month

This is exclusively for you and only you. The website includes random thengzs about YOU and some parts US.

7 Things You Love

Seven since it's our 7th

From what I've gathered whilst dating you. Here are your top picks.

1. ME

Of course. Obviously. 😌

Kidding not kidding.

2. Randomly giving you a present

One of your love languages is definitely receiving gifts.

I know this since, everytime I gave you something even as simple as tea, your face lights up.

I always love to see you light up. To feel that you are so loved and safe.

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I know how much you need your coffee. Even if it makes you jittery you just gots to drink dontcha?

I cannot wait to wake up and make you a cup of coffee.

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4. Mosquito net

I know how you cannot live without this thing rubbed against your feet while you sleep.

I promise to bring it every where we go. So you'll sleep fine.


Obviously. Most of out dates lead to a lot of eating in various restaurants.

You order food more than what your belly can take. I have to finish everything you cannot. 😑

I love every moment with you. How I miss put dates.

5. Desserts

Of course a date is NOT a date without getting desserts after a very very heavy meal.

I miss eating ice cream with you. I miss sharing spoons with you. I miss how you order yours then end up eating mine.

6. Online Shopping

Yes, we both now you're into buying random stuff that you don't even need.

7. Grey's Anatomy

Your comfort show, yes.

It's always nice and lovely to listen to you blabber about it especially the cast, especially YANG and TORRES. As well as your thailand BL something that you obsessed about.

7 Things We Want To Do

When we see each other again

I know it'll be far away from the future but we both now how time moves so fast.

1. Picnic date

I know how much you want to go on a picnic date.

As soon as we see each other again we'll go on a picnic. Take photos. Eat and have fun.

2. Cook Together

I've been saving up my recipes. Can't wait for you to taste them 😛.

I'm excited to wake up and make breakfast with you. Kissing in the kitchen. 🥰

3. Workout together

As you promised. We would workout together. I hope it won't be just me working out alone and you still sleeping.

Tho we can do different ways of burning calories. 🥵

4. Travel off to cold and warm places

Cant wait to throw snow at your face and lay on the grass with you. Kiss you every sunsets in a different places.

5. Photoshoots

I promise I will not stop taking photos of you and with you.

Can't wait to use all my film rolls with you and take you on a photowalk. 🥰

6. Get A Place With You

This is such a dream. To finally wake up next to you and worry about time or going anywhere. Having our own bed, own kitchen.

7. Get married

I'm sorry but you're stuck with me. You'll just have to agree...

Our country may not have the law for us, but I will make you mine in papers.

Cannot wait for this day to come. I love you so much mockie.