Journey to financial freedom

Starts with you taking the first step..

Last year i almost burnt out, it was oh so close, covid lockdown gave me a serious breather. I was running my own business. It had been 3 years and doing well mind you. Bills where being paid, money for delicious takeout and I had save a decent chunk for house deposit.
I was also under huge pressure to do the right thing (working a lot more to pay the excess tax! How a small business can be expected to pay standard tax and then double provisional tax in the 2nd year is ridiculous!). I was also saving up for a small wedding ceremony. So I basically placed a lot of pressure on myself to make money. I attempted to get a 2nd person field person into the business but that didn't work out and I was realising that I wasn't feeling much joy. I was feeling more stress and anxious. My body was giving me all the signs that something needed to change!

The things that made me happy not working just no obligations and resting! I had minimal energy anymore to go on. At this point I knew I needed a change and it needed to happen very soon. I knew I need to recognise that is a better and more easeful way if I could allowed and believed it! Work smarter not harder.

When I came across cashfx I was at the point where I had to make a decision to step on the road to freedom. I explored the options. Looked into how it worked and also the everyday people who had been participating in it since it started and over the last year. They were making amazing progress! I started with a 300 Academy and trading pack then quickly upgraded to 500.

You can do this do. Start with only USD300 and within 72hrs it's trading on the Forex and earning on a weekly basis 5-6% on your trading value. You don't have to do a thing just receive.

Every Sunday I receive my portion of the weekly trading 5-6 % alongside all the other participants in Cashfx.

CashFx Explained

In this 11 minute short video my affliate sponsor explains how Cashfx works. The set-up allows freedom to gain interest greater than what the bank pays you on an annual basis. It's a win win.

Starting your Cashfx in NZ

There is a couple of ways to get started. First you need to setup your Cashfx account.

Follow the instructions in the following video to get started. It has my affiliate link and it will show you one way to get started in New Zealand with Cashfx.

Family Pack Strategy

One of the strategy to set up with Cashfx is a family pack strategy.
The video explains in details but let's say if you want to invest USD1500 then setting it up as a family pack strategy would be a great way to start.
I have set this up for myself and aiming to continue to upgrade at least two of them and withdraw from one of them as my passive income. I have set a 4 year plan to reach the 100K package.

How to setup with Cashfx in Aus

If you live in Australia you can follow the instructions in the following video to set up your Cashfx.

Introducing the Wirex card

One way I spend the Bitcoin payment is using my Wirex card. All I do is transfer the bitcoin into NZ dollar then I can use the card like any other card.

You can join me at Wirex. Just use the following link.

Official Casfx promotion website

Official promotion website with three short videos of the Cash Forex Group (CFX) overview.
Check it out.