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Bonjour! How's the day going. Hopes quite well. Some real info ahead. I like to play. Like you can say an workaholic I'm. I don't care. I like to play Cricket, Badminton and developed some interest in Volley Ball as well. I do Cubing as well. So you can get some tips on becoming fast on Rubik's Cube. I want to learn French.

Some Good Speed Cubes

Get a Cube if you want to learn.

I'm good at 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and Pyraminx.

MOYU RS3 M 2020 3×3

MoYu RS3M 3x3 Magnetic is an economy-friendly puzzle with a robust mechanism that is great for all levels of solvers. The new MFJS RS3M has more rounded corners, improved corner-cutting, a new color scheme, a dual adjustment system that allows the spring elasticity to be adjusted, and holes for magnets that include 48 magnets perfectly aligned!

MeiLong 2×2 Elite M

This budget magnetic 2x2 is tuned with 48 Neodymium magnets inserted uniformly into specific points in the cube, allowing for consistent magnetic attraction regardless of position and orientation of pieces.

This magnetization gives clicky feedback and accurate alignment is crispier and more stable than the normal meilong 2x2, With a compact size, split-piece design this cube is the perfect choice for fast and controllable cube lovers.

MOYU RS4M Magnetic 4×4

MoYu RS4M is ready to hit the market with its innovative dual adjustment system and magnetic positioning system. All magnets are completely aligned so that this magnetic cube has more control and good hand speed. It also features fault tolerance performance for fast rotation even when the rotation angle is not in place, which also easy rotations. Anti-stick grooves ensure stability while properly reducing the contact area. Half bright color scheme gives the cube clear contrast and better experience. Also, RS4M completes the famous RS3M 2020 series.

MFJS Meilong 5M 5x5 Magnetic

The MFJS Meilong 5M 5x5 Stickerless (Magnetic) is a new release from MFJS. It is fast and controllable out of the box. It offers great performance, a lightweight design, and a stickerless-matte surface finish. This is an excellent choice for all skill levels.

Drift Pyraminx

Considering the low price point this pyraminx has amazing corner cutting and stability. The hand feel of drift is upgraded to give a wonderful feel while solving. The cube comes tensioned and lubed already, however I recommend to buy silicon lubricants for more lubrication and smoothness.