Coreen Heathcote

Another day had passed and never there was a day that I regretted spending with you. I will always love to fill your days and be the one who you talk to first in the morning and at the end of the day, before you drift to sleep. I will never get tired of doing these things for you, even if I will get tired of my way of living, but not with the way I love you. You will always be someone who changes my mood and who knows me best. And I will also be your person. I love you, always have and always will.I'm really proud of you for keep going and fighting. You faces a lot of challenges in your life that made you become brave and strong woman that I know despite of all the things that happened to you whether it's happy or sad moments and you have courage to achieve what you want for your life. Your existence are precious like a jewel. You are incomparable my love and have a unique personality that I really love and admire. How wonderful it is to be completely lost in your love but also to be found by you. Falling in love with you wasn’t my choice at the first place. But staying in love with you will always be a choice I’ll make. I am helpless, I could say. As I can’t help my self but to fall deeper for you each day. It isn’t new, I guess? That I couldn’t spare myself from loving you dearly because you are the reason why I find my self still worth of loving and being loved. For the long time we known each other, you never failed to make me feel varies of emotions that I know only you could make me. I am more than happy to have you with me through everything. Whenever I feel extremely down and gloomy, I know I could come home to you. I will always be grateful for everything, for the good and bad times, for the love and pain and for having you. I always wanted to say, that you’re more than enough for me and no one else comes close as how precious you are for me. Hold on with me and step forward with me, baby. We will make everything we are dreaming of to happen. You always have me, I love you to the universe and back.


you came into my life without warning. i never expected that someone would make my day better startingbthat day. your stories never fail to amaze me, your laugh never fails to mesmerize me.


imagine that i'm with you right now. holding your left hand, giving your favorite flower, the daisy, if i asked if i could court you, what would be you answer?

Khrazheia Hesficale.

it wasn't always happy nor always sad but all of the days i spend with you, completes me. being with you makes stronger and braver to conquer every struggles. the feelings that you make me feel, fuels me to keep on going and living. through all the good times and bad times, you're the only one i'll call home. you're the one that my heart longs for. you fill my days with happiness and no matter how heartbreaking happens to me, i'll always my hone in your arms that made me think that liking you wasn't a bad choice after all. so i did this letter to say to you and express to you how much i like you, coreen.