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Hi! My name is Myrlene Fulton born and raised in the Bahamas. I’m a mother of a prince and a loving wife. If you are here you most likely have an idea of what I do and what my business consists of.

How I came across this life changing opportunity?
One night I was scrolling on my Facebook status and noticed one of my friend posting about making money on your phone and how she making money while she sleeps, so I message her and ask her what’s it’s all about and how do I go about doing what she do. So she send me her phone number . I reach out to her like 3 days later and while she explaining it to me I stop her and told her I want to join and she sign me up right there and then , that same night I was in a training call and the rest was history! I felt like this is exactly where I needed to be around so many likeminded and empowering people, everything aligning to what I want for myself and how I want to live my life… so happy I sign up when I did!

We are the fastest growing luxury hair, skincare and wellness in the WORLD! We are the first social marketing company to focus entirely on products that actually promote healthy hair and skin from inside out. Our products are vegan, naturally base, cruelty free, free of harsh chemicals. We are only six years old and we already a billion dollar company, so what does that means for you ?
I’m offering you a ground level opportunity to upgrade your financial situation by doing what you already do : recommending stuff you use and loves to your friends and family and getting pay for it, to be honest you already do this on a daily basis and don’t even realize it, but by joining this business you get the chance to recommend skin , hair and wellness products and get pay when anyone purchase your recommendations. This is not the only way you could make money with this business, there are nine other ways to succeed in this business.

This business can be done by anyone but it’s not for everyone, it’s for dreamers, hustlers, go getters and for people that’s looking for Time and Financial freedom.

Is this something you can see yourself doing ?
Fill out my let’s be Partner application and let’s level up together!