SELF: Love & Care

When you learn to accept & love yourself, you can conquer the world ✨

Recently I’ve been through a trauma and I’ve finally learned to accept what happened and move on. In order to move forward, you need to take that step forward into the right direction to get where you want to be. You have to WANT it.

My Top Picks

Skin & Hair Care

I have started to take care of myself more and getting into a routine of doing so, especially when it’s been done for me for the past two years. Now I thank the Lord that I am able to start taking care of myself again. I’ve used so many products in my hair most of my life and I’ve realized less is more. I decide to take a break from adding products into my hair and just use shampoo followed by conditioner and then maybe a light hair oil or leave in conditioner (in which I use about a quarter size now since my hair has gotten so thick over the summer from taking care of my hair). I had made a routine for myself to follow to get myself straight, it was a step in the right direction by just taking a step into caring for myself and because of that I am able to push myself and keep myself motivated.
Here are a few products that I use daily to help keep my hair and skin nourished.

Gemmist Beauty

Gemmist beauty is a company that produces shampoo and conditioner at an algorithm to determine the right formulas for your hair and scalp to deliver the perfect balance clean and high-quality finish.
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(Note that the formulas in the picture are not my formulas, each person is paired with their unique formula.)


I have very dry and flaky skin, and sometimes it get red and blotchy. I took the quiz and you literally get a prescribed face cream made for your skin concerns.

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Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

My limited mobility doesn’t allow me to take care of my skin as much as I want to, and I find lotions to be dense and sometimes very thick. So I found that coconut oil can easily be applied on the skin and spreads so much with so little. I use this because my skin tends to get very dry and flaky, plus the added benefits to your body are endless!

Bonus: coconut oil has so many benefits for your hair as it moisturizes, takes frizz adds shine, and can minimize dandruff. As for the skin it is also a great moisturizer for dry and flaky skin, can help soothe eczema , nourish dry cuticles and so much more!

Let go and let God🌟

As cliche this may be, but everything does happen for a reason

Trauma and How to Cope

Here I’ll introduce you to some coping mechanisms that have helped me heal from my trauma

Back in 2018, I had complications from my c-section after my first born and since then I felt like my life has resetted.

From 2018-2019 I was in a very dark place (mentally), I was mean, insulting and just a straight up [email protected]&!% and because of that I pushed so many people away, people who I used to be close to. I did indeed feel like I was a horrible person, but looking back it is understandable. 2020 came very unexpectedly for all of us I’m sure with the pandemic, quarantine and racial controversies happening all over the country. 2020 was a blessing in disguise for me because it really was an eye opener where I feel very grateful and appreciative of everyone who has been there for me, praying for me, even though I didn’t show it. If I ever hurt your feelings for the way I acted, I am truly sorry, going through what I was going through I didn’t stop to take a minute to realize how many people were there for me. It took me a year and a half to accept what happened to me, I placed my trust in doctors who were supposed to care for me and my child, and the outcome just became another thing to handle and adapt to.

I’m the first couple of months while in the hospital the only thing in my head that kept circling around my brain for 24/7 for about the first 5 months of having GBS, was when am I going to get to be the mother that I truly want to be to my son. That was an inner demon that was slowly killing me inside. It is very hard to see first time mother’s experience what I lost and it’s something I’m gonna have to live with and will always be in the back of my mind. I know I will always be AJ’s mother and he definitely knows that, it’s just a tear jerker for me that as a first time mom, I’ve missed 83% of the firsts when AJ was growing up.

When I first woke up from my coma, I thought I was waking up from my c-section, not knowing that 10-11 days had passed. I didn’t know what was going on so I just went along with it. I ended up developing GBS (Guillian-Barré Syndrome) which affect the immune system to attack itself and damage healthy nerves. I was paralyzed at the time from bellow the chest and down. Imagine taking this in after you’ve woken up to a tube being taken out of your mouth and a full arm cast where your insides are sticking out because my right arm developed a blood clot and was almost amputated. Thankfully it was saved, it was just complications after the other from physical to mental health problems.

Fast forward two years, multiple therapy sessions, endless physical therapy and a lot of self love and care and I’m back on track to taking more control over myself and motivated to keep going strong for my family 💕

Radiate Positivity

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