A little bit fat, a whole lot of love

About Midsize Magpie

Welcome! My name is Maggie and I am a mid/plus size gal from Minnesota! I spent the past 6 years in the UK with British husband (his new formal name) and recently moved back to the US and am now based in Arizona (I miss the rain SO much).

Ever since i was a teen I have struggled with my body image and in the past year have taken a lot of time to really work on loving myself and accepting the body I’m
In with no more thinking “maybe when I’m thin I’ll [insert anything]”

I made this account to help express my journey creatively and be a representation of other women who look like me. Cuz mega face it, we are gorgeous and deserve to be seen!

My YouTube Channel

In my YouTube we go DEEP into hauls, sit down chats and thrifting!

Life update: I was fired 😰

Rebdolls Haul pt 2

SHEIN Haul (with swimwear!!)

Favorite Etsy designs

All of the designs on Etsy are my own, so I love them them dearly, but I do have a few favorites 👀

Empowered Women Empower Women Enamel Mug

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Call Me by Your Name Christmas Sweater

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Moira Rose Holiday Sweater

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