My Mystery Boxes

This are the mystery boxes I make

Color Themed Mystery Box

A color themed mystery box! You can pick the color and the price! 🧑

Candy Mystery Box

A box of delicious candy and the minimum price is €20. You can also choose for example vegan and sugar free! 🍭

Fidget Toys Mystery Box

If you want fidget toys for a much lower price as in the shop you can buy one of these boxes, the minimum price is €15. 🧸

YouTube Mystery Box

If you want to become a YouTuber or are you one you can buy this box, it has for example a camera, a microphone or if you lucky even EarPods!! ( iPhone only ) πŸ“·

Teen Girl Mystery Box

this box contains, for example, scrunchies, LED lights, a phone case, plushies or bath bombs! 🀍

Teen Boy Mystery Box

I’m a girl so I don’t know that much about boys. So this is more a gamer box. In this box are for example strip lichts, a mini game consol, gift cards or a speaker πŸ”ˆ

Kids Mystery Box ( girl )

In this box are for example plushies, stickers, a color book, barbies or easy crafts 🧸

Kids Mystery Box ( boy )

In this box are for example toy cars, puzzles or stickers 🏎

Personalized Mystery Box

You can choose the theme!! πŸ˜„