North East Georgia Model

Mystik Rayne

I'm a model based out of Gainesville, GA. I also do occasional public speaking, artwork, and writing. This is so much more to me than just being viewed as 'pretty' It's a way for me to reach others. To build confidence in others as well as myself. To share my story to show others they are not alone and encourage them to keep going. To show people that they matter and even the smallest voices make a difference 💞

Some history:
I was the child that grew up without her mother AND I am the mother who gave up her children.
I have had a traumatic brain injury, suffer with seizures and been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dissociative identity disorder. I've put myself into risky situations and I've been suicidal. I am a recovering addict. I've been abandoned, beaten, raped, mentally abused, ashamed, and forgotten. I was homeless for over 2 years and almost died at the hands of a man who said he loved me.....that is when I realized had purpose. Everything I had endured was exactly what fueled me to begin my healing.

My Vision:
I spent a lot of critical and soul crushing moments completely alone. My traumas were secrets I locked deep inside..continuing to haunt me everyday. I made some "bad" decisions and I spent many days suffering with the consequences of those decisions alone. I hated myself and was convinced the rest of the world hated me too. My vision is to empower others while showing them support while they to begin their own journey. To motivate them when they are ready to give up and to make a difference in humanity. To empower survivors of DV, SA, Addiction/MH.

✹I hope you join me on My Journey. I will share my story and what helped me most as I continue to become the best version of myself and empower others to do the same.💋