About Me

Kaylee: Your Wellness Coach

I’m a 28 year old mama to 1 beautiful daughter and live in West Michigan. I am a certified health and wellness coach. I love everything about music, art, creation, singing, dancing, movies, running, nature, camping, the woods, beaches, sunshine, sunsets, tattoos, community, food, celebration, yoga, long walks, stargazing, the moon and wellness. I value genuine connections, authenticity and honesty. I believe in speaking your truth and following your heart.

My struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, digestion issues and other physical ailments is what led me to the awareness of MIND & BODY connection.
With therapy, coaching programs, online classes, spiritual practices, podcasts and more; I've started to heal, create healthy habits and improve my Wellness.

It is my passion to help others improve their overall wellness ~ Mind, Body & Soul. And to live a life full of health, happiness, love and gratitude. Life will always have dark periods and obstacles but with healing & health of the mind, body & soul~ we can better cope with whatever comes our way. Life is all about balance. ☯️

Wellness isn't just about physical health and mental health but about emotional well-being and spiritual health too. When you improve one, you start to improve all. Through healthy habits, routines, exercise, nutrition, meditation & more ~ your wellness goals can be achieved.💫

My Faves

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Nutrition + Skincare

Improve the health of your Mind, Body, and Skin with Arbonne.

Arbonne takes a holistic approach to healthy living, beauty and well-being.
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Superfood Mixes

Superfood and plant protein mixes help you improve your health and feel your best every day.

Why YourSuper?
▪︎Certified Organic
▪︎100% Plant Based
▪︎No Additives
▪︎No Sweeteners
▪︎Gluten Free
▪︎Dairy Free
▪︎Soy Free

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Health starts from within.

Why HUM?
▪︎Ingredients are clean, natural and triple-tested for potency and purity.
▪︎Contain bioavailable actives extracted from nature.
▪︎Standardized to clinically-proven amounts.
▪︎Gluten Free
▪︎No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors
▪︎Sustainably Sourced 👇

Bottles are made from 100% ocean bound plastic. (Labels & caps are recyclable too. ♻️)

Take a 3-minute quiz to create your nutrition profile and get a nutritionist report with personalized recommendations. Also get free nutrition advice by certified RDs.

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HUM Nutrition

Skincare + Beauty Products

All products are natural, plant based, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, NON-GMO, sustainable and made with CLEAN ingredients only.

Their non-toxic formulas do NOT contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil or artificial colors.

Bonus: The packing is recyclable.

Safe for you and the planet. ✌💚

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Derma E

Supplements + Skin Care

Prefer to get your supplements AND skincare products from ONE place?

🌙Moon Juice delivers natural products for both needs.

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Moon Juice

Essential Oils

100% Pure High-Quality

▪︎USDA Organic Certification
▪︎Third-Party Testing
▪︎GMP Certification
▪︎Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free)
▪︎EPA Green Power Partner (🌎 friendly)

KidSafe & PetSafe Blends available

Plant Therapy