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Expanding your mind means learning, learning means growth, and growth means POWER!

My name is Nazelie [Natalie to many]  Los Angeles [Millennial] native. My consistent driving force is being a fierce independent woman in a world where negativity and excuses often take control of big dreams and expectations.

I’ve always had countless questions about life and all that it entails - career paths, personal expectations, emotional well being, and a healthy balance between them all.

As I walked into my first class as an undergraduate freshman, I thought that I would emerge from my university four years later having all the answers I was looking for with respect to where I wanted to be in life. Boy, was I wrong! I did the thing - I worked my a** off and graduated as a proud blue and gold Bruin! That very same day I realized that I had more questions about life than ever before.

So I did another thing- applied, got accepted, and graduated with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. It was at this point when I finally realized that the reason I constantly kept searching for answers was because I was searching for the best version of myself and in order to do that I could never settle!

I’m not competitive by nature, but I’m consistently in competition with myself! I thrive by being challenged and pushed harder. I get bored easily and am always MOTIVATED to find new ways in which I can pay my knowledge forward, help people, and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

Being a fierce independent woman in a world of fear drives my yearning for constant success. It is my motivation to do better every day and be an example for my little girl who is being raised in a world of fear, negativity, and excuses and a world where  to many people quit before even giving themselves a real chance.

The healthcare industry has been able to give me lasting fulfillment in my career with the ability to help people and make a difference in their lives on a daily basis. But as a person who constantly looks for new opportunities and challenges, I’ve also joined a power house of women to inspire and help others promote self care through healthy, plant-based, cruelty free hair and skincare.

Dream big! Manifest goodness! Act in kindness, love, and compassion. Then let the universe do its work ♥️

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