A little about me: I’m 22 years old. I am a mama to be & I have a mini goldendoodle, Othello, who I’m totally obsessed with. Three years ago I had dropped out of college, I was in a really bad place mentally and had completely lost interest in what I was studying. I got two jobs and started working 70+ hours a week, I hardly had any time to do anything, and I was still struggling to pay my bills. I was constantly asking my parents for help which made me feel like such a burden.
I kept seeing so many girls doing online business’ and always thought it would be so convenient to make money from my phone - but I was so afraid. After a year of being so skeptical, I took a huge leap of faith and ended up joining. I originally joined for gas and lash money and hoped I could stop having to rely so heavily on my parents.. and here I am 3 years later and it’s been hands down the best decision I ever made!!!
Only 6 months into my business I was able to cut back on my hours and quit one of my jobs. God had bigger and better plans for me! Since joining I have never felt happier and free. I’m genuinely happy and so excited about my future!! I never had that feeling before. I went to college because I knew I “had” to because that was the “only” way to be successful.
Now I work full time from my phone, I have the ability to pay my bills with ease, I never stress about money, I spoil myself more, and I no longer live for the weekends. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’m building such a beautiful life for my future family.
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