Nailed It! With Mia

Legacy builder. Optimist. Archivist. Wordsmith. Nail Boss. Singer of Songs. Chaser of Dreams. Raising the Future.

Hi there! My name is Mia Moreland Mitchell and I’m a Brit mom of two boys married to a Texan and living just north of Dallas.

I’m an Independent Color Street Stylist and started my business in Sept 2018 to get a discount on my nails. Fast forward to today and I’m an Executive Director and lead a team of almost 200 people.

I’m excited to share this amazing product with you and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Scroll through the site to shop, request a free tester, find out more about becoming a Color Street Stylist, learn more about the company and see just how much of a nerd I am (make sure you make it to the last card. 😘).

I’m so happy you’re here. xxx

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What is Color Street!

Color Street is 100% real nail polish that is 95% dry at the time of application and starts to cure to your nail as soon as it is exposed to the air.

It has a base coat, color coat and top coat all in one!

Quick and easy, no mess, no fuss, it won't ruin your nails.

No additional adhesive - just peel, stick, smooth and file.

Comes off with regular nail polish remover (because it's just nail polish!)