Brittani Hoiness

When someone says you can’t, do it twice - and take pictures!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Brittani Hoiness. I am a Wifey, Momma of two crazy kiddos, Nail Technician and Brand Ambassador. Montana born and raised. I love vacationing - chances of me turning down a vacation....slim to none! Excited to connect with you and share my love for family, nails, beauty products and taking trips around the world!


The craziest hood you’ll go through!

I am crazy blessed to be the mother of two wild children! My daughter is 5 - my son is 2! Let me tell you somethin Sis, in case you didn’t know......boys and girls actually come from two different planets ha! One minute we are playing dress up and the next we are pretending we are Sumo Wrestlers destructing the house. But ya know what - these are truly the moments we live for and never forget! So when the day is hard or your child wants to be held all day tell yourself this ‘It’s just a phase’ and I promise you you WILL get through it!

Salon business isn’t my only business!

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When I’m not busy at the salon I’m hard at work helping women chase their wildest dreams while slinging the most amazing products know to man - and that ain’t no joke sister! Come check it out!

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