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About me

Hi, my name is Alexia Torres. I currently do nails in Downey, California and I am certified and trained in Gel X. Doing creative art on nails is my passion! I started in November 2020, as a hobby, went to become certified, & slowly gained a lot of support from amazing people I have known, and lots of girls on Tiktok which allowed me to grow as a nail technician.

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What is Gel X?

A 100% soft gel nail extension

Gel x is a soft gel extension that covers your nail beds from side wall, to side wall. They must be measured accurately for a long lasting finish. Gel X nails should last anywhere from 2-4.5 weeks! Most of my clients have them on for 3+ weeks.
They do not have fills. You must remove them by soaking off in acetone and starting a fresh set. There are no harmful chemicals used, causing (little to ) NO damage to your nail beds if taken care of properly. There are many shapes and sizes! A lot of girls allergic to acrylic find this as a great alternative!

How much are Gel X nails??

Gel X nails can be on the more pricy side, but I like to keep things affordable here.

My prices range from $40-$65 for gel X.
Gel manicures start at $25, and go up!
All detailed pricing is on my Instagram highlight “prices”, but a quick jist of it, a BASIC color is $40
ACCENT nails $45
ABSTRACT art $50
FRENCH TIP art $55
HAND DRAWN designs on all nails $65
And other add ons like stickers, gems, foils, and chrome range from $1-$5 extra!
Dm me on Instagram for more $$ info!

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How do I Book?

Availability is usually every 2.5 weeks.

I am not booking through my DMS anymore. Things got unorganized and messy after a gained lots of followers from my recent tiktoks. I am taking new clients, however very limited. I prioritize my regulars that have been coming since the start of my nail journey. I have a close friends Instagram story where they get first dibs on appointments, then I open it up to new clients. To be considered a regular, you must have booked more than 2 times with me, consistently. (Right when your nails are off) or come for a soak off & new set.
I am currently booked up for the time being. New dates March 17-26 will be posted on Sunday, March 7th at night. time TBA