I’m Nakiya!

Take Risks!!!

GREAT! You made it! Regardless if you’re here for your FREE hair and skin consult or you want to join the team, you’re on the right path to making your life change for the better. I’m so excited! Whether you want to become an influencer, make a some extra money on the side, learn more about the business, become a VIP, or a loyal customer, You will receive nothing but satisfaction from here on out. The opportunities are LIMITLESS!

My name is Nakiya. I am 20 years old and I am from Chicago, Illinois but I moved to Florida for college after high school. I am a CNA; certified nursing assistant and I like to keep my hair and skin healthy at all times.

I love trying new products on my hair and skin so I decided to get involved with the top hair and skin company in the world, MONAT, that has both products, for my hair and skin, and can help me benefit financially in the long run. When they said that I would be working from my phone, I was very skeptical. I figured they just wanted my money like any other company that may message you on Instagram. But, I continued to ask many questions as I always do, just so I can get a better idea on what they were saying. I do work a 9-5 job, so if this did not work I wouldn’t be losing anything. Usually I don’t take risks but for some reason I chose to take a risk this time, and I have not been disappointed yet! The bond with this company is nothing BUT positivity and encouragement. Being able to have healthy hair and skin, working from WiFi on my own time, making extra money, getting you to join the team with me and having fun doing it, paid trips; all sounds too good to be true, but maybe that’s what we all need in this world... something that is so true you CAN believe it.

Again, The opportunities are LIMITLESS!!! You will never know where your path will take you if you don’t switch it up every once in awhile.

SWIPE LEFT FOR YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT ANYMORE!! If you have any questions at all, MESSAGE ME!!!! Don’t be shy :) I promise you will not be disappointed because I have not been!!