Welcome to my world

'Life is short and there are lots to do before is over'.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Studied 3 years, Social Communication and before being able to finish my career I was forced to leave my country, in 2012, moving to London, the city which I felt in loved with since I knew it existed.

These 7 years in an incredible country has shown me that we all are capable of anything we want to achieve, anything we dream. For that reason, I managed to build a career on something completely different like Technology. I am also making sure I do fill it with lots of experience that reassure how capable we are to enjoy and achieve every dream,

One of my dreams is to help people to feel empowered ,to follow their dreams and be a reference that anything is possible , want to know how do I do that , go to the next page and find out 🙌🏻

Make sure your life is full of ornaments that makes you smile!

Xoxo 💋

Yeii you want to know more!!

Images and experiences transmit more than lots of worlds.

I use my Instagram and blog to share my story and thoughts but also to promote products that I love.
What’s the best part?
I get paid for it . I work remotely and I’m the owner of my time

They are a vegan hair and skin care products , anti- aging, naturally based, cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals.

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