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Welcome! I’m Nalisha!

About Me | What I do 💕

A Little About Me ✨

I currently live in a small town in FL. I’m 25, a first time mom to an 1 year old babygirl, working a full time job as a registered nurse and have my own little side business! I’ve always had a passion of helping others & love seeing others succeed!

My Journey 🌱

After giving birth, I realized my hair became so oily but dry & was falling out more than usual. I was continuously on the search for safe & effective hair products that would bring my hair back to life (so I wouldn’t have to wear my hair in a mom bun everyday) & back to my pregnancy hair! I started to see others share pics of their amazing results by using a product that was 100% vegan, silicone, sulfate, and TOXIC FREE. Hesitant, I waited a couple months (definitely regret) but after I started using the products, I fell in love with my increased confidence due to the fact that they helped my hair+skin (& me) feel beautiful & alive again!

What I Do 🗣

I help others learn about plant based products & help them reach their hair | skin goals simply by just washing my own hair! I help them complete a FREE consultation and am their personal beauty consultant! I know that these products can help anyone+everyone because I use these products in my everyday routine & am obsessed! I love seeing others reach their goals, no matter what they are!

I am my own boss. I work anywhere, anytime I want. It is my 2nd income so I get to make some extra money for my family & spend more time with my babygirl (the BEST part)! This opportunity has helps me gain personal development & there is unlimited potential of growth & success! I don’t know it all, so I am learning along the way! I also get to work alongside of women (and men) who empower me and genuinely want to see me succeed! I am grateful that I get to partner with a company who actually cares about me & gives me so many amazing incentives for reaching MY GOALS!

🔸 Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me & why I choose these products & the company over the rest! If you are interested in the opportunity to become your own boss and have amazing hair+skin, complete the Be Your Own Boss application on the previous page❣️