Yoga with Devon

Devon Hennel Yoga and Meditation Instructor

A yoga and mindfulness enthusiast for the past seven years, I turned to yoga at a young age to help manage stress and anxiety. I immediately fell in love and it wasn’t long before I realized the profound impact that yoga and meditation had on my life. I recently completed my 200-hr yoga certification at The American Yoga Academy to gain the tools and knowledge to help others in the same way.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, I’ve completed a B.S. in biochemistry where I conducted research investigating the effects of cortisol on gene expression in individuals diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Following graduation, I became a Masters student in the Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics at Albany Medical College where I am currently studying the effects of meditation on brain activity in individuals suffering from chronic pain. Additionally, I am continuing my yoga education to become a Yoga Therapist with the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy school.

I currently teach at The Studio for You in Glens Falls, NY and host pop up classes at Together Forever Nutrition in Cobleskill, NY. Additionally, I offer both private and group classes via Zoom. I primarily teach Vinyasa and Yin styles with each class featuring a guided meditation to facilitate release of negative energy, healing, and relaxation.

October 30th 2021

Classes & Services

Please note- My number one goal is to make yoga available to everyone. If for whatever reason my prices don’t work for you, we can come up with a plan or arrangement that better suits you!

Regular Group Class (60 minutes)- $15
• Group classes feature a guided meditation and focus on the use of mindfulness
techniques alongside the physical asanas.

Private Individual (in person) (60 minutes)- $40
• In this private session we can go over your specific yoga goals and I create a
class tailored specifically for you!

Private Individual (virtual) (60 minutes)-$30

Private Group (90 minutes)- $20/person
• Get a group of your best pals, work colleagues, family members etc. together for a special private session where each person will get to explore their personal yoga goals
and you can find connections through your practice.

Learning to Live Yoga- $65/session
• Learning to Live Yoga is a program designed to teach students who are looking to deepen their practice but aren’t interested in teaching or spending thousands of dollars on teacher training. If you’re interested in learning to live life like a yogi, this is for you! Together, we will create an individualized program which incorporates various asanas and mindfulness techniques that best suit you, your schedule, and your goals.

To learn more or to join one of my classes, feel free to email me at [email protected] or send me a dm on Instagram!

“Let your breath untie the knots of your mind and body.”