Live with green

Being in a sustainable life

Hey bbys ! It’s me Aricia. I’m just a normal girl who is being into lower waste life and loving what I have 🤍🌵
I’m currently working on my internship as a travel agent. Meanwhile I wanna introduce bit more about sustainable life for you 🌏

I’m not ...

Being Asian in worldwide

Hey bbys. Me it’s Aricia. As you may know, I never show what nationality I am or my ages or my sexuality. Because I do not care. I love learning languages and new culture. Currently I take four languages in a low as a speaker. And tbh, I never felt comfy for my native language. I figured out it’s not my soul language I would say. So I took English as it. And now I don’t see my nationality regarding this fact. But then who cares where you based on? Stop being inside of your life. Be outgoing and explore what you desire. You may have enough happiness on your life but maybe you can find sth else more interesting. I’m not scared to go out my country. This is just a object for me. Now I’m looking for sth more for on myself and it’ll be my destination.
Thank you for reading it love y’all<3

With not being employed

So here is my thoughts
Since pandemic and quarantine broke our life down, so many people are stuck at home with sometimes working and not. We all know and used to being busy. However this is the time to think about yourself without worrying about money and work. They’re not making yourself. Then what is the wellness for us? It’s US. Not objective them. Let’s get into bit more tips from my queen misako!

Who am I ? Who are you ? By misako envla

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Here is the place I give you some tips of making your life bit more creative, productive, sustainable. And get some new knowledge about LGBTQ+, anti racism, eco-friendly, feminism. I’m just a normal girl who loves those topics and learning lots of languages! Thought it would be awesome if I can make little community to access all of your interests 🌵
Love 🤍