My Life

My Passion...

I’m just a working mom with a hobby! I design and create jewelry on my free time, usually in the late hours of the night after work. I was passed down the “crafting” gene by my hardworking mom who still does crafts/jewelry of her own. Growing up, she stressed the importance of hard work, dedication, and independence and has inspired me to create Aliʻiloa Creations. The name Aliʻiloa Creations was inspired by the birth of my son, Aliʻiloa, meaning distant or high chief.
Becoming a mom is purely the best thing that has ever happened to me and has taught me so much about love, life, responsibility, and more. But most importantly it has led me to be THIS... a PROVIDER.
The word “provider” means SO much to me and from the moment my son opened his eyes I knew that I’d stop at absolutely nothing to be just that. By definition a provider is a person who gives someone something they need. My duty as a mom and wife is just that, to give my family what they NEED. I’ve read so much criticism about working moms especially since I’m a worker who works every HOLIDAY and every weekend. Yes, I work a lot. And no, I don’t regret it. Not one bit. I provide financial stability to buy the food on the table, rent, electricity, cable, phone, tuition, etc. Not to mention the most important of these... MEDICAL. I love being there for my family in this aspect, therefore, I call this being... a provider 💕
On to my next business venture as a hair and skin “provider”, which is nothing short of what I’m already instilling in my own personal life. Again, giving someone something they NEED. But now, I’m not only helping my family, I’m helping YOU ✨ Everyone deserves to not only feel, but look their best with products that not only make you LOOK good, but are actually good FOR you!
In a time of uncertainty, it is more important than EVER to be there for each other in any way possible. Being a provider is still so vital during this time. Lets be there for each other!

Mahalo for reading such a long, yet THOROUGH story about me 😅

♥️ Bri