Reflect on your own use of media technology (our while-task activity) and think of how that use, when thought of in group, affects our creation of culture. In the same manner, think of how our existing culture affected you when you turned away from using media technology. Why do you think there was an urge to cheat and use technology to communicate with the world? Do you think our culture has something to do with it? Explain your answer.

I think the way our media has portrayed this awesome technology, there is a small connected between what actually is happening in world and what we need to find.  These individual interactions with them that presents cooperation and friendship. They're starting to require instruments for running well together both in person in this modern times, mostly, parents do not have sufficient time to spend with their kids, since they do not spend experience with their parents, kids change them with field. This person may understand or find something on the internet which may cause damage on his/her psychology since he or she has not recognize the harmful sides of the internet. Pulling in to the meeting room with a couple co workers and huddling in the laptop to enter the remote person isn't a great experience, so people can start  to ask more team-friendly tools in more work space.

Write a short article reflecting on the importance of mass media in your daily life using the concept of sociological imagination.

The existence of radio and television has become of great help to society in terms of informing
and educating people not just in an local area, but in a international range. On the other hand,
the internet opens several opportunities for everyone even when only accessing it through a
mobile phone. It allows us to use applications and visit websites that offer entertainment
purposes such as daily horoscope, video games, streaming music, and many more. Because of
these functions, it makes our daily lives a little brighter instead of being just plain boring. It is
also beneficial because of the way we could easily search for real-time data and news from all
over the globe. On top of this, there's the television—one of the greatest inventions of mankind.
We could simply not live without it. As children born in this generation, we have grown to rely on
it for watching the news, children shows, films, and other things that available channels have to
Currently, Smart TV upgrades can basically access both the basic utilities for standard television
and now, we could also use apps and browse the web as long as it is connected to the internet.
Additionally, society is very accustomed to showbiz and all that jazz. People tend to look up to
celebrities and in return, they use their influence on people who follow them and let their
platform serve its purpose. For me, I enjoy the shows and films that I watch in the television
especially when I relate to it. It makes me realize that I'm not alone in the world and my
experiences are valid. At the same time, watching the ones that aren't on my lane, like KDramas
and unrealistic ones, make me hope for better days and a better life for me. Overall, the
takeaway here is that because I always watch and access mass media, there is something new
to learn everyday.

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Do you agree that communication is more than just giving information? Can you recall from your life experiences where communicating with other people did not just help you to send and receive information but it changed your life?

Ang mabisang komunikasyon ay tungkol sa higit pa sa pagpapalitan lamang
ng impormasyon. Ito ay tungkol sa pag-unawa sa damdamin
at hangarin sa likod ng impormasyon.
Para sa marami sa atin,
ang pakikipag-usap nang mas malinaw at mabisang nangangailangan
ng pag-aaral ng ilang mahahalagang kasanayan.
Sa tuwing kumakanta ako dun ko napapahiwatig and aking mga nararamdaman,
Yun yung panahon na magkaaway kami ng magulang ko kaya mas nahingakayat akong
ilabas yung nararamdaman ko sa pagkanta. Sa panahon na yun hindi lang ako basta
umimik ng mga salita, meron akong nais patunayan at yun ang nararamdaman.
Sa palagay ko naman ay naihatid ko sa mga manunood ang mensahe ng aking kanta.
Sa pagtuloy ko ng pagkanta doon ko nararanasan na ang komunikasyon ay hindi nga
lamang ay hindi lang basta pamamahagi ng impormasyon kundi pagpapahayag na rin
nilalaman ng puso ng isang tao.