My Top 3 Meditation Picks

Along with each meditation, I want you to use the following essential oil roller blends, to amplify your vibration during your practice.

1) Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stress--Clear the Clutter to Calm Down (Invitation to use frankincense roller)

2) Meditation for Building True Confidence to Start Your Day/ Mindful Movement (invitation to use peppermint & orange essential oil roller blend)

3) Design your Dream Life: A Guided Visualization and Meditation (invitation to use joy essential oil roller blend)

Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stress--Clear the Clutter to Calm Down

Take a journey into your subconscious mind and clear the clutter for freedom to achieve all you desire.

The Mindful Movement (YouTube)

Building True Confidence to Start Your Day

How true confidence starts with taking the time to nurture who you really are.

The Mindful Movement (YouTube)

Design your dream life

Your dreams are all within you - this guided meditation is powerful for creating calm you so you hear and feel what your inner voice is guiding you towards.

The Mindful Movement (YouTube)


Naomi - the chameleon.

Here you are! Welcome into my space - you’ll find me quite the chameleon. I can be loud, confident and super ambitious but I am also drawn to immerse myself deeply into the profound learnings of the universe, energy and our place in it all.

I love thought provoking conversations and activities for my soul. I absolutely light up when I find my like minded tribe, who share my love of life and the things we can’t quite explain.

Let push the envelope on what many accept in life in terms of vibrant health.. Let’s uncover the beauty of self discovery and truth within our incredible bodies, nature and the universe.

Distance Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing

What if I asked you to FLY today? What would you say?

Reiki (pronounced Ray - Key) is a very gentle hands on healing technique that restores physical & emotional well being.
It focuses on removing blockages so energy can flow easily and effortlessly around your body. Treatments can support improved sleep, relieve stress and instils a clarity of mind for focus and abundance.

Today everyone from business owners to athletes and artists are using Reiki to help them navigate and thrive in the world we now live in and you can too!

I am so excited to offer you the opportunity to work with me moving forward. There are only limited places available so be sure you book your place now to avoid being disappointed.

The cost for your package is $900 and offers you the opportunity to be part of a one on one journey with me where you will have access to fortnightly Distance Reiki and Intuitive Energy healings with me for 3 months.

Offerings are 90minutes and include you Reiki session, music soundtracks for your session, chakra & aura clearing, channeling (as requested) and a call with feedback of your session. You will also receive a full written transcript style document sent to you of our session. This includes feedback on what your body has shared, Chakras that needed balancing as well as relaxation support and prompts for you to do in your everyday life. Reiki lasts long after the treatment is over and my extra support ensures this.

One of my clients shares: "You're calming energy and presence cannot be overemphasised, wow - just wow". Jordan

You may benefit from Reiki & Energy Healing if you are experiencing any of the following:
- You are feeling out of balance, emotional or unable to focus
- You are feeling stressed, anxious, burnt out or overwhelmed
- You are experiencing low self-esteem and struggle with self-love
- You feel disconnected from your true self
- You feel lost and are struggling to connect with your intuition
- You want to support and maintain your overall health and wellbeing
- You are struggling with the loss of a loved one
- You are going through huge life changes

Running from now until just before Christmas is no co-incidence. With the year we have all had, coupled with all the emotions of Christmas time, I have felt pulled to run this now to equip you with with as much support, empowerment and peace to get you through to a brand new year.

If I asked you to FLY today - would you be ready to join me to First Love Yourself?

DM me to book your appointment.