“ I chose to redefine my future.”

Hey, it’s Naomi !

Pronounced: Nay-oh-me

I am currently a cosmetology student, at the Academy of Excellence, as an aspiring Hairstylist.

I am now pursuing a new opportunity as digital nomad, on to of being a full time student.

I’m also a passionate Yoga practitioner and Teacher, as well as a Receptionist at a children’s Salon & spa.

I may do a lot, but I’m always finding ways to one-up myself and be the best version I intend to be for not only me, but others as well.

My goal with my platform is to continue to inspire and encourage others to redefine their own future, and be unapologetically themselves in the process.

I will continue to share my passion as a yoga practitioner, beauty guru and influencer, while sharing my personal tricks, tips, and passion as I navigate through this online business while I continue through school and make a mark for myself later on.

I was welcomed into 180 movement, by a lovely friend, who inspired me to really change my path I was on — one that allowed me to become more financially free.

With the added costs of a full time student, part time worker as a yoga teacher, receptionist at a hair salon, and my own personal things outside of health, beauty, and wellness, I realized I had so much more in me to give.

My passion really lies in helping others succeed, feel beautiful and successful, as well as being empowered in their own life.

Not only will I share the latest trends that I personally love and enjoy, but I will also show the hardships- the things people don’t really talks about, so you get the complete 180 view.

It’s takes personal commitment, dedication, team work, and hard work to make your craft into something !

I can’t say to share this all with you,

Stay tuned!

With love and light,