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All I have ever known is how to trade my time for money. Most of my life I have worked in retail, so I have been tied to a $ per hour and schedule.

But as a mom of 4, i’ve always craved more flexibility, to be in control of my time and to make more money to get further ahead, save for family vacations or to treat myself and the kids. It’s a tall order for a working mom, but I found a way to have it.

Almost 3 years ago my daughter introduced me to Monat. I quickly realised that this wasn’t just great products and an opportunity to earn a little side income, this was my way out of trading my time for money and into the freedom I always craved. I loved the idea of being able to share what gave me the best hair and skin of my life while getting paid for it, so I jumped right in! Being able to work with my daughter has been an extra blessing.

Over the past year, my confidence has grown and I’ve met the most incredible women who inspire me to prove to others, especially working mums or mums craving more, that it is possible to gain that for yourself. I’m excited to grow my team even further and continue to build my customer base around my kids and all the other things on my plate to tap into my creative side, build a lifestyle I really want and to help others see that there are more options out there.

I’m so excited to connect with you and see what you can gain from the opportunity to.

- No experience needed.
- Live in: Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Poland, Spain or Lithuania.
- Be coachable & willing to learn.

On the next page you can take a work with me form OR fill out my hair or skincare quiz for a free consultation to become a customer of mine.

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