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Just a girl who loves to read books and write poetry!

Naomi Wilson is a poet and writer from the United Kingdom. She was always remembered for reading books growing up, so it makes perfect sense that she made it here as a writer.

Identified as a rising star by The University of Birmingham, and best known for her honest and relatable poetry compilation 'Love, loss and relationships'. The book which she describes in 5 words as " Every relationship you've ever had!".

Naomi enjoys reading, travel ,cooking and completing an adventurous bucket list which has taken her on the worlds fastest zipline and waterzorbing on a lake!

Naomi has just published her second book "Motivate your Mind" a compilation of 300 quotes for motivation, inspiration and encouragement. Not one to quit while ahead, She has also released "Notes by Naomi", a collection of creative notebooks and journals, and is also working on her third book release which will be a poetry collection.

Naomi continues to create daily content on her poetry and quote pages found on Facebook and Instagram, and all books can be found on Amazon worldwide.

My Top Picks

My top recommendations for my followers

Here are my top picks and recommendations from my collection. A mixture of poetry, quotes and creative journals.

Love, Loss & Relationships

Have you loved and lost? Ever given your heart away to never have it return? Have you tasted the pure beauty and excitement of true love?

Then you will find your story somewhere in-between the pages and words of Love, Loss & Relationships.
A beautiful compilation of poetry and spoken word with truth, rawness, emotion and transparency, that will capture you and feel so familiar.

Motivate Your Mind

A combination of positive quotes that you can use to better yourself and your mindset. Positive words to motivate and encourage you to greatness. 

This book contains 300 bite sized doses of inspiration, each with a powerful and impactful message. Use this book daily or as and when you need for a positive boost. With a handy notes section to save all your favourites too!

To set yourself free from those limiting beliefs, Motivate your mind is the book that you need!

90 day Gratitude journal

90 day gratitude journal designed to help you have an attitude of gratitude and focus on being thankful for what you have. Each page can be dated and prompts you to describe how you are feeling and list the things you are grateful for. Spend a few minutes daily expressing your appreciation

52 week Positivity journal

Aim for a positive year ahead! By keeping a positivity journal you will see that you can find the joy in every day and every week. Using the right positivity prompts can help focus your thoughts and help you achieve your goals. This beautiful 162 page journal with prompts takes you through 52 weeks helping you to think about the positive aspects of each week and the goals you want to set for the week ahead, there is also room to write about any challenges you faced, and what you learnt from them.

Poetry promots notebook

Stuck in a never ending spiral of writers block? or simply want to challenge your poetry writing skills and improve your abilities?

The big book of poetry prompts is packed with interesting and challenging prompts to help get your creative juices going and inspire you to write poetry masterpieces.

Each prompt has plenty of room for you to write in and encourage you on your poetic journey. The book also comes with great tips for all poets. The book is unlined so you can make the poem whatever you want it to be!

Writers life notebook

120 page lined notebook with eye catching glossy cover design. Perfect for writers ready to write their next big manuscript or novel. 8x10" sized notebook, with lined premium white paper. A must have for all writing excercises!Can also be used for writing, jotting down thoughts, studying and journaling.

Poetry is my love language T-shirt

Let everyone know your love language is poetry with this cool and unique t shoet, perfect for anyone who loves poetry. Buy for yourself or grab as a gift for the writer in your life!

Poetry mug

Poetry and its many forms. Be the coolest writer in town with this mug which plays homage to some of the various styles of poetry. Perfect for work, home or poetry workshops.

Book Reviews

Find out what others are saying....

"Captures the emotions"

Right from the first poem the author manages to capture, what I presume to be, many of our feelings. With many more that follow leaving us wondering if she's in our head.
The publishing of this book shows that many more of us should take to putting our thoughts down in writing and at least consider sharing them, as they can help people make sense of their own emotions and not feel alone in feeling the way they do. - Delia Holder

"Thoughtful and sensitive"

The poetess of this volume has an obvious talent, and it shines through in her verse. It is not easy to isolate certain pieces for particular praise, but these came to mind: 'Love of an Empath' - the simplicity and directness of the words is affecting; 'Soul Food' - charming and romantic; 'I'm Broken', which is deeply moving and honest. In fact, all of the poetry in this volume is delightful, accessible and very readable. There is no pomposity in her words: her verse is heartfelt and sensitive... one of my personal favourites was 'She Was Everything'... incredibly moving. Naomi Wilson is a real talent and a poet for our times. - Angeline Gordon.

"Brilliant book"

It really captures the reality of the title. I love it. Thank you. We need fresh writers like yourself. Don't stop. Broken people need to heal like you say and to recover to love again. Very inspiring! ! - Pamela.

"Naomi writes with uncommon insight and disarming wisdom"

The hard times in your life are just a chapter and not the whole book.” A quote, number 93, from Naomi Wilson’s excellent second book: ‘Motivate your mind.’ The book is a well cultivated and varying compendium of 300 inspirational quotes, for almost any occasion. At times, as in those moments of life, the quotes could be empowering, thought provoking, or cheekingly humorous. Within the pages, there is something for everyone. Naomi writes with uncommon insight and at times disarming wisdom. Wisdom, that like a profound mirror, could juxtapose that challenging moment that we might find ourselves in, with signposts to where we might wish to go. She also finds an amiable way of achieving this, like that friendly elbow nudge, to help the reader forward and upwards. A very refreshing, accessible and must-have purchase, for the entire family. Thank you. - Andre.

"The book you didnt know you desperately needed"

Usually after reading a book I’ll have one or two people in mind who I want to pass it on to. With this book however that wasn’t the case...

Firstly, this book is not one you pass on once you’ve read it. Its one you keep for yourself!! It’s like a little bottle of medicine, of which we all need a daily dose.

Secondly, instead of having a couple of people in mind who would enjoy this book. I struggle to think of anyone who wouldn’t. In fact, I think this may be a book we all NEED.

300 motivational quotes which can be applied to all areas of life. Little reminders of how awesome we are as individuals and how we need to be kind to ourselves.

Don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one. - SJ.F

"Just wonderful"

I find this book very convenient for the year of 2020. It’s inspired, appropriate and necessary. All of your favourite motivational and self-reminding quotes in one book. Naomi has given us inspirational poetry and quotes.. I’m excited for what’s next. ☺️ - Ugly Fleur

Naomi Wilson Poetry

"Books are food for the soul, feed yourself well".

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