Marys Website

Hey it’s Mary! I’ve made this website to give some tips and tricks of becoming a successful fanpage!

My website will be including my colouring, apps, tips and tricks and many more fun things!

my colouring

how to do my colouring!

These are the apps you’ve will be needing!
-Colourtone -Ultralight -Prequel -Vont

First you select your video or photo on Colourtone, then go to filters and scroll
until u find the filter coogee! When your done with that go onto ultralight and go to the triangle down on the bottom and press on it after that put clarity on 10+ and sharpen on -10.
Then you go onto prequel and find the effect weather and add that but take all the blue filter off and add teal 2!

When you have finished your colouring now it’s up to the editing, Go on the app vont and use the filters “hug me tight” for the question/writing and for the watermark use the font “futurist”.

And that’s it your all done!! Hope this helped


tips and growth

here are my tips of becoming a successful fanpage!

1. Post 2-5 videos per day
2. Be kind and support everybody’s opinions
3. Do fff and sfs to gain followers!
4. Add lots of hashtags to your videos such as #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca and many more to get on the fyp and by getting on the fyp you will gain some new supporters and growth.
5. Have fun and support your idol!