The many shades of blunt and raw are you ready for it?

Be you

We are all in the same boat

Authenticity Is been the trend of the very recent years. Being real is always going to tricky to balance with the rave of the glamourised lifestyle thread out there.

This topic has always gotten be thinking about how I would love to begin my page. I didn't want my page to be too glamourised with my creativity to not leave some what benefit for every person that enter into it.

It's an constant thought race to being you on the virtual world, but it's always reminding yourself to come back to the middle "the balance". I been the person to always love being myself but not showing too much for it on the social because we all know how toxic online is?.

Honestly, anyone is who is stuck in the social just remember to back out from it and take a breath acknowledge the life you been given even if it's bad everything it is a test to only strengthen you for the future to come.

I'm going off topic just remember two things which is this word Alhamdulillah (praise be to the Lord of the world) and it's okay to get lost in being you.


More than an headscarf

Hijab is a topic I felt needed to be clarified, In terms of which were inscribed within the quran "the proper terms" also there is more to the word hijab than as an clothing what alot of people think is only an head covering.

Firstly I want to clarify is that the word "Hijab" is rooted from the word "Hajaba" which means to veil, cover and conceal etc.

The triliteral root ( A word root that contains three letters) two derived forms it's been mentioned seven times within the Qur'an as an noun in a different context, and once as an passive participle as "محجوبون" ( mahjubun).

Within the hijab sections, there are 2 types mentioned in the quran:
Jilbab ( جلباب ) derived from the noun word Jalabib (جلبين) mentioned within Surah Al-Ahzab Ayah 59 " their outer garments" (جلابيبهن) Jalabibihinna noun as in an group context this ayah when you read of it as. Whole Allah is commanding the prophet s.a.w to say to his wives his daughter and the believing women that they should wear an outer garment which is loose.

Khimar خمر derived from the noun khumur (خُمُر) which converted into an plural subject pronoun. Within Surah Nur ayah 31 it mentions bikhumurihinna (بِخُمُرِهِنَّ) " their head covers".

The women of madinah in the pre-islamic times used to put the khumur over their head with the two ends tucked behind their back neck, Resulting their neck and ears exposed.

so when you look at the ayah when it says "place the khumur over the bosom" Allah has commanded the women to let the two ends come over their bosom so that their neck and ears are covers too.

Surah Nur also talks about whom are allow to see the Muslimah without her hijab a list of mahrams ( unmarriageable kin).

Haya is part of hijab too, an Muslimah should hold both inner and outer modesty this is then reflected in behaviour, they were we talk, appearance and being aware of Allah at all time.

There are many hadith that illstrates the importance of having haya, this one displays an linkage between modesty and the faith :
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Faith consists of more than seventy branches. And haya (modesty) is a part of faith.” (Al-Bukhari)

Men have their own set of hijab like no showing between the navel to the upper knees. imitating women clothing and fitted clothing in the intention of trying to grab attention of the non mahram women which is completely wrong .

But what is clear both man and women are instructed within the Qur'an to lower their gaze and guard their chastity.

Alhamdulillah if there is anything I missed within this let me know on instagram. Inshallah you all have benefited from this post.

Ende med et smil

End with an smile

You smile your way through like there isn't nothing wrong, shed a speck of hope like the thread sewed in a old rug.let go of the world as your body sails away on the magestical wide viewed ocean, Crystal clear almost transparent to see both world; land and deep within. How your eyes gazes to observe the transaction of the sky so it proceeds to an soft rosy sky as it loses its touch within the deep navy starry night. As my mind is gradually at peace and my smile returns with joy once more.

Reminder in whatever your going through Allah is always with you, he is more close than you think.

الله الرحمن و الحكيم
(Allah the most merciful and the most wise)