Hey guys I’m natalie! This is your sign!

I’m starting my own business with this company as a struggling 19 year old with a 8-5 job that just isn’t enough.

Back in March I was a department manager for McDonald’s. I was so mentally and physically exhausted I could barely even work my shifts sometimes. I would work an 18 hour shift and then have to be back in 4 hours. Sometimes I would just sleep in my car or the break room!! At some point I had had enough and well.... I quit. Best decision? No way. Did I regret it? For a little while,yes.

So until Mid April I was without a job, behind on rent, electric, water, internet, and not to mention my car problems that I kept ignoring hoping they would just fix themselves(also covid).
I got another job at a grocery store. But my paychecks were only $400 dollars. I was still struggling.

Fortunately, a family member was able to get me started as an apartment manager for 2 complexes. Which I am currently working at! At first I loved it! But then every passing week I felt like I dreaded more and more coming to work. Sitting at a desk staring at hundreds of files and a computer screen ALL DAY was not what I wanted to do for a living.

About a month ago I was scrolling on TikTok and came access a girl claiming to show people how to make an income from home and how her life has changed! I thought she was crazy and there was no way that’s possible. Buuut curiosity got the best of me and I finally clicked the link in her bio and filled out the application.
And now here I am!! I’m working towards promoting to Ruby and building my team of people just like me!!
So if you’re seeing this, click the link and fill out the application!
For more info on what I do, message me “DT INFO”!🤩