My Story

Before: I was always stressing, never happy, and just plain BLAH. Like I was in a bubble sludge. I was the person that when invited to go somewhere with friends, I just said that I would think about it and never left the house.

Fast forward to My Thrive Experience….
A friend of mine had posted a Free Sample post and I was intrigued. I had already tried so many other things that never worked and this was FREE. We chatted a bit and of course, I was skeptical, but she had sent it to me and said just try it, what do you have to lose.

Day 1: I followed her directions and took my capsules as soon as I got up; 20 mins later did my lifestyle mix and slapped on my sticker. This was what had caught my attention, I wanted to wear that cool sticker :D. Super simple!

Holay Energy Batman….I was up and running!! I cleaned the whole house, mowed the yard, and even cooked dinner that night!! I messaged her the next day and asked her what the heck was that!! Her response was, “So I see your day one Thriver!!” We chatted some more, and I was sold!! She helped set me up with my 4 Week Experience pack and to top it off, she drove over to my house with enough THRIVE to carry me until my package came in the mail!! She also introduced me to HEAT…..Yeah, after she left, I tore my husband’s closet apart, went through all the clothes, donated what didn’t fit anymore, rebuilt the shelves so that they were not falling off the wall. Then I cooked dinner!!!

Two weeks later I hit that promoter button because I loved it so much, I wanted to share it.

It has been 6 months now and I’m still in love with my products. I don’t drink a pot of coffee a day anymore. Those energy drinks, well, they are still on the shelf. I don’t have that mid-day crash, I’m super productive in my job. But the best, well, one of the best things is that I am in a happy mood most of the time where before, I was just kind of in a blah place. But wait, there’s more!! I have lost so many inches without trying really hard!! Yeah, I started paying attention to what I was eating because my head was so much clearer. No More Mental Fog!!

So, if you’re skeptical like I was, and have tried all those other “quick fixes” give it a try it. I guarantee you this will change your life

Thrive with me!

I'm Thriving Out Loud!!

Let me introduce you to the best thing since sliced bread!!

1-2-3. It’s that simple!
How many of things have you tried but there was so many STEPS a day that you kept forgetting this or that got frustrated and gave up?
Well,that was me and I was stuck for a long time, maybe like alot of you. But this is just so simple, you can’t mess it up!
Its done in the first 20 mins of my day.