hi, love! i’m so glad you’re here

get to know me

who am i?
i’m chloe, intuitive guide, holistic health coach, tarot reader, podcast host and jack of all trades (master of some-ish)

the beginning...
in the midst of graduating from high school, i realized that college was not for me and i could not spend the rest of my life working a 9-5, barely making ends meet. i had no idea what i wanted to do. i’ve always known i had a bigger purpose but i had no idea what. i went through a period of massive confusion, hopelessness, and completely losing myself all so that the universe could bring me closer to what truly lights up my soul.

what do i do?
i am an intuitive guide + holistic health coach, offering 1:1 coaching + group coaching (coming soon!) i help you love your life naturally; through mind, body + soul wellness. this looks like inner child healing, gut health, mindset, law of attraction, connecting with your menstrual cycle, and unleashing your inner power. my intention is to be a safe space for your growth + healing.
i am also a dōterra wellness advocate, providing you with 100% pure essential oils and resources to support you emotionally, spiritually + physically.
lastly, i am a live ultimate wellness advocate, distributing super foods + functional mushrooms that benefit your whole body!
i am so grateful that i can be a conduit for change in a deeper, more personal way.

my journey...
i’ve been immersed in personal development since may of 2020, spending months and months working on myself. from learning about mindset to spirituality, inner child healing + self love, i’ve COMPLETELY changed my life, starting with changing the way i view & react to things, and healing my blocks + traumas.

how can i help you?
my beautiful, crazy journey has inspired me to help other goddesses find themselves and grow alongside me. so, if you’re feeling lost, scared or hopeless about the future, just know you’re not alone. i’ve been in your shoes, i know how hard it is and i also know that you are meant for so much more. if you are ready to take control of your health + truly love your life, naturally, i’d love to chat, send me a message on IG or book a FREE connection call!

now there’s absolutely no way to fully get to know someone in a few paragraphs but i hope you feel like you know me a little bit better. thanks for stopping by, hope to talk to you soon!