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Shri Navodaya Society Of Social Welfare was (Registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registrikaran Adhiniyam, 1973) undertaken by DR. S. Anuradha who is secretary of the organization. We at Shri Navodaya Society Of Social Welfare are determined in providing services to people from various age groups, also people with unique background and needs. We also believe in dealing with different perspectives and attitudes and not just the issues. Our goal is developing society, improving communities, and promoting social well being.

Shri Navodaya Society Of Social Welfare is a registered non-governmental organisation based all over India (Regd.No 11395/02). We work in the field of community development, child welfare, education, mental health, literature etc. Our aim is bringing quality services and training to the general public and organisations and to help them succeed by providing evidence based, innovative and relevant solutions in the area that we operate in.

Our Ancillary :

Episteme of Mind

Episteme of Mind is an initiative by Ms. Sirisha Susarla, established in collaboration with Shri Navodaya Society Of Social Welfare, episteme of mind aims to promote mental health and Psychological wellbeing.

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We are registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registrikaran Adhiniyam, 1973, Act 44.

The act has received the assent of the Governor on 29th September, 1973, assent first published in the "Madhya Pradesh Gazette" (Extraordinary), dated the 11th October, 1973).

Registered office : khanjanpur, betul, Madhya Pradesh, 460001

Operations : PAN ( Presence Across Nation ) - India.

Contact us :

[email protected]

8007639060 / 8871898254

Services Offered

Our services include, but are not limited to the listed activities.

1 - Skill Development Programs & Courses
2 - Internships
3 - Fellowship
4 - Volunteering opportunities
5 - Workshops & Events
6 - Social Welfare Activities
7 - Mental Health Awareness
8 - Counselling & Consulting
9 - Homeopathy Medicine Assistance
10 - Meditation & Mindfulness

***Note : Not All services listed above are available free of cost, some are paid services and amount once payed is non refundable. T&C Applied.