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We’re friends now so let’s get to know each other!

Let’s be honest 2020 wasn’t exactly an easy year. Although it had it’s difficulties it also had its shining moments such as the birth of my beautiful daughter. Navy changed me in all the ways. She opened my eyes to a new concept of wellness that I hadn’t considered prior to her being in my life. I never read labels or really cared about harsh chemicals. Every time I bought something for her, I was checking what was in it. Why hadn’t I done this before?
I entered the season of NOW. Now my eyes are open, now my thoughts are clear. I want to live in a clean, toxin free household and I want my daughter to grow up knowing that everything in her home is safe.
In my search for clean products I found Young Living. I found a company that truly stands behind their products, their quality and their standards. Not only does Young Living care about their products they care about the people who promote them too. This company is all about giving back and creating a nurturing community amongst other members.
If you’re reading this and these are things you are striving for in your life too, don’t hesitate. Make the switch and join this incredible journey to wellness. I don’t regret it and I promise you won’t either!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are made from many parts of plants such as petals, stems, leaves and rinds. These oils are extracted using processes like cold pressing, steam distillation and resin tapping.

Essential oils are quick acting and can provide healing support throughout the entire body! It takes just 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain and only 20 minutes for oils to fully affect every cell in the body.

Essential oils can be used:

Aromatically by diffusing and/or smelling straight from the bottle.

Topically by applying directly where needed.

Internally by cooking, using drops under the tongue or adding to liquids like water or tea.

How To Get Started

Let’s Talk About The Premium Starter Kit

The best way to experience Young Living is with a premium starter kit. Your kit will come with an assortment of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, a diffuser of your choice and samples of ningxia red, thieves hand sanitizer and thieves cleaning spray! This kit is valued at over $400 and can be yours for only $165!

Not ready to spend that much? Don’t worry, you can try the basic starter kit which includes samples of ningxia red, thieves mints, thieves hand sanitizer and a bottle of Stress Away (one of my personal favorite oils ) for only $35!

Once you have decided on a starter kit, you will also become a member of Young Living which means that your purchases from that point forward will always be at wholesale price, granting you 24% off! There are no strings attached and you are never required to sell a thing.

The goodies keep coming too, you’ll also be asked if you would like to join Essential Rewards (or ER as we call it). It is an optional monthly subscription that is completely customizable each month to deliver you all your oily needs. You will be able to add cleaning supplies, oils, shampoo, toothpastes, etc to your order each month. In addition to your 24% off you will also automatically get 10% back towards future purchases and after just 4 months that increases to 20% and 25% after 6 months!

As a bonus, for anyone who chooses sign up with me and join this incredible company and community-
I will include a personalized package just from me filled with custom roller blends and goodies to say thank you.