Nayara Moia

UX Researcher | Consumer Behaviour Strategist

I am a UX Researcher with 7+ years of experience in research and as creative facilitator specializing in qualitative investigation and discovery. I hold a Bachelors degree in Fashion ( Santa Marcelina) and a Masters in Marketing ( ESPM), plus multiple courses in User Experience and Anthropology.

I am in equal parts creator and communicator, I generate market intelligence, insights and innovative opportunities with user-centered fieldwork and collaborative exploration.

In the last years, my ethnographic findings, skill-sharing talks, and ideation workshops have guided strategies for industry leaders like Ray-Ban, Shell, Allergan, Symrise and many others as well as emerging entrepreneurs and local startups.
Having worked on a range of projects across the retail, travel, fashion, beauty, food, and beverage industries, my methods across disciplines, industries, and demographics. I can leverage extensive knowledge of Europe and Latin American markets with strategic/analytical skills to build relationships and execute in multi-cultural environments.

Methodologies, I work with:
•Qualitative Research
•Future Proof Strategies
•Aesthetics Driven insights
•Brand Positioning
• Brand experience
•Consumer Insights & Trend Reports
• Innovation
•Solid knowledge of research tools (eg Typeform, survey monkey, hotjar, etc.).
•I have an extremely analytical profile and I make use of facts and data to guide my teams' decisions.


What I can do for you

✓ Providing strategic and creative inspiration for companies, brands, and agencies ✓ Identifying current and future trends to fuel innovation ✓ Aggregating and summarizing market data into actionable frameworks that are communicated and activated with impact ✓ Evaluating how the market will evolve and identifying where white-space opportunities will be found

Where I shine...

✓ Trend Analysis and strategic insights ✓Brand positioning and strategic business advisement ✓Establishing relationships with key industry experts ✓Client and project management across multiple categories and countries

How the magic happens...

✓ I work with A rigorous methodology of researching and identifying future behaviours ✓ Ethnography ✓Netnography✓Trend Forecasting ✓Development/moderation of Workshops ✓ UX ✓ CX and Shopper Journey Design

Exploring human and cultural futures.

For the last few years I have been researching and analysing socio-cultural landscapes to help future proof brands and businesses. Having worked on a range of projects across the retail, travel, fashion, beauty, food and beverage industries, my methods cross disciplines, industries and demographics. Whether a report, presentation, or just a conversation - I can show you how to tap into people's future needs.