・*。 welcome to my empty zoo ‧₊˚ ✩

timezone : gmt + 7; pronouns : she/they idm

hey, i’m nay. i like to watching anime and listening to songs yes i do. um i also enjoy playing games.

i’m not really online in discord, but i usually check dc to see if i have any messages every few hours.

please understand if i’m unable to reply back quick unless i’m just not busy; mostly online on weekends.

ps : would appreciate it if you don’t ping me unless it’s important!

→ my spotify profile ꒰ ♫ ꒱

˗ˏˋ ! abt roblox ˎˊ ˗ —

feel free to skip if you aren’t interested.

so i play roblox, and mostly only rh and mm2 tbh. i’d say i play them quite often if i’m not busy! ♪ here’s just some infos that you just might wanna know!

- royale high
usually only for trading/photoshoot, my photo results sucks terribly tho. i also want to level up, but just too lazy for it. just dm if you wanna b royale high friends, i barely have friends who play rh whoops!

- murder mystery 2
i’ve actually had a break from mm2 for a really long time and just returned so i’m now more focused on trading than actually playing unless there’s special events eg halloween, christmas, etc. i use both values, mostly supreme!

traderie profile ღ