About me!

Hey guys, I’m Nikki!

Thanks for checking out my page! For those of you wondering who I am, I’ll give you a little information about me!

As a kid, it was clear to my parents that I had a passion for helping people. As the years went on, the more this passion grew and the stronger my desire to enter the medical field at some level became. Fast forward to high school - I chose to volunteer in the special education classroom during my free period. It was here where I found my calling, I knew what I needed to do with the rest of my life. From this point on, there was no doubt in my mind that Occupational Therapy was my future.

After graduating with my masters, I began my career. After working in a variety of settings, I found where I belong - homecare. I now spend my days helping others live their best qualtiy lives!

Though my career is very important to me, it does not fully define me. My most important accomplishments - my 2 beautiful girls. My husband and I have been blessed with two amazing little girls that bring us so much joy (and add a little chaos 😉).

And now, fast forward to summer of 2021! After a year and a half of what makes for the craziest time in most of our lives - thank you global pandemic - I found another passion! This amazing opportunity fell into my lap, all thanks to my neighbor & good friend! She started on a journey of her own and I decided to join her! While I had no background or training in beauty - I look a leap of faith and I am so grateful I did! I learn as I go .. something new and exciting each and everyday! My desire and ability to help others has only grown since I embarked on this adventure!

If you are like me and strive to live your best life while helping others.. This can be part of your story too!

If you’re looking to improve the health and look of your hair, get that youthful glow back in your skin, become a part of our amazing team, or just looking for a little more information.. I am here for you! Fill out my consultations and I will send you information for your personalized regime!


About the Biz

Incase you didn’t know..

We are the fastest growing luxury hair care brand in the WORLD - yup, it’s true! The company is focused entirely on premium products that actually promote healthy hair growth and reverse damage from the inside out. Our full range hair care line is naturally based, cruelty-free, anti-aging and free of all harsh chemicals. They are overseen by a scienctific advisory board which is a team that consists of professionals in medicine, cosmetics, haircare, science and health to ensure the best and safest results for our customers.

The company is only 6 years old and on track to becoming a billion dollar company! By joining our team, you have the opportunity to upgrade your financial situation by doing something you already do.. washing your hair.

This business is for hustlers, dreamers, & every day go-getters! You will have the opportunity to run your own busy from anywhere you desire, all you need is your phone! You’ll be surrounded to a supportive team, who is constantly mentoring you and pushing you to strive for success. It’s time to stop scrolling aimlessly through social media and start getting paid for it!

Become a VIP!

➭ 15%-45% off hair & skin products
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➭ $25 birthday credit during your birthday month
➭ 30 day moneyback guarantee
➭ Customized beauty routine based on your hair type and/or skin type and desired goals
➭ Earn points every time you shop! Save $10 off your next order, once you reach 100 points!

Join the team!!

Become a Matket Partner

➭ 30% off hair & skin products for LIFE!
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➭ Once in a lifetime incentive trips & other prizes for reaching your goals
➭ Earn a white Cadillac once you achieve Market Mentor!!

Let me know if you are ready to launch your OWN business!!