98 liner, based in India🇮🇳

Sky ☁️

NCT and EXO biased multi-stan🤍💚
I collect various NCT merch 🌱
My ults are 95line & Kun of NCT and Chanyeol & Lay of EXO

Please note that I'm a college student, writing exams most of the time so I may be slow in replies :(

Trade/Sales Info

🌱Can do ww shipping
🌱 Feel free to dm me if you want to buy anything I put up for sale
🌱 I can send as many video/ photo proofs as you want and will send proof in strong light, (and expect the same for trade with my username written) and only ask me if you're sure you are going to buy.
🌱I use sleeves, cardboard sandwich& bubble wrap for domestic shipping and sleeves,toploaders, cardboard sandwich& bubblewrap/foamwrap for international shipping of photocards, (and expect the same for trades)
🌱 I send packing proof and address varification before the parcel is shipped
🌱 Any kind of damage during transit is not my fault, hence I won't be responsible for it
🌱I ship everything through India post, if I you need private courier please let me know in advance.
🌱 If you see anything from my wishlists and would like to trade feel free to dm me
🌱As I have less number of proof I'm okay with sending the mail first, but you have to send it in two days after I give you tracking ID
🌱 Only tracked shipping for international trades
🌱 If there is any defect on the item we traded I would like to be told beforehand! (Will do the same)
🌱Strictly no backouts when you take part in my g.os unless you have a valid reason or you will be blocked
🌱 Regarding claims I can do holds upto 24 hours, or it depends on the situation (as some can be quick mini g.os)

Even if some of the rules seem strict, I sewar I don't bite so feel free to DM :)