Neater Nest - We save you Money & Time, That's value

We organise spaces so you get the greatest efficiency, functionality and flow.

We offer virtual consults on how best to use your space. Design kitchens, cupboards, closets  and other storage space  designs. 

Coaching  our clients to organise their  personal space as a therapy to practise a routine they'd  like to instil in their life. This assist them in managing their emotional & physical clutter as well as part of self love exercises.

Locally, we  offer cleaning and maintenance, personal shopping, wardrobe management, storage space designs and manufacturing.

We relieve our clients' home management  burden, so they can focus on their work.

Neater Nest's Purpose

Consistency is key

We are here to create top notch maintenance services that creates ease for our clients’ in the execution of managing work, home and life’s challenges as they intertwine while saving them money, time and energy.

Neater Nest

Mission: To make each client love their home because it is the palace they deserve

We assist our clients sort their clutter, organise their space, repurpose their items and maximize their investment, saving money and maintaining their property.

"As within so without"

Decluttering has the amazing ability of freeing up physical and mental space. Giving our clients the space to grow and execute their dreams better.