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Nectar + Co was founded in Sydney by Samantha J Boyle, with the goal of providing high quality coaching services for those seeking personal growth and self-development. At Nectar + Co, we work alongside you to help you think more clearly and live more intentionally.

To book any services or for enquiries, please email us at nectarandcoservices@gmail.com

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Nectar + Co


At Nectar + Co, we focus on everyday life, because the structure of your day is what defines your overall feeling of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in regards to life.

Our sessions are individually tailored to your needs. Our services aid you in getting from where you currently are in life to where you want to be.

To book the below sessions or for enquiries, please email us at nectarandcoservices@gmail.com

Evenly Balance

This is our signature offer!

This program focuses on finding balance in your life. It is a comprehensive 3month program with weekly 1 on 1 coaching sessions lasting 1 hour.
‘Evenly balanced’ is about enabling yourself to find structure in your life, cut back on procrastination, check off everything on your to do list, work towards your goals and include deen throughout your day.

All advice is offered with an Islamic understanding behind them.

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Nectar + Co

Our Brand Story

The concept of Nectar + Co has been years in the making. As a revert to Islam, Samantha J Boyle faced a number of hardships in finding her place in the world. She dealt with the death of her older brother, depression and anxiety, self-sabotaging tendencies, and struggled to see her own potential. Samantha realised that she had not been taught how to properly handle the challenges of life, nor did she have the tools.

6 years on, after accepting Islam and beginning a journey of self-growth, Nectar + Co was born. Nectar + Co provides the support and tools that individuals need in order to fulfil their potential and be the best version of themselves. Utilising an Islamic perspective of personal development, this brand aids those who need direction and practical steps towards their goals.