Meet the Tech

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. Name is Beverly. I am the owner of Nellow Nails. I was born and raised in Baltimore MD. Graduated from Patapsco High School in 2005. I attended CCBC and achieved a bachelor’s in Accounting and an associates in Business Management. I have two beautiful girls, Kirsten and Patience, that I absolutely adore. This August I’ll be celebrating my 13 year wedding anniversary with my husband Charles.

Over the last year I have grown increasingly interested in the nail industry. I received a nail technician license after completion of hours I had obtained many year ago. My knowledge of nail care stems from hours of studying, years of misguided information and numerous nail services received myself. All to many times I have seen damaged nails caused by nail technicians lack of care for clients health. From excessive filing, to using unsanitary tools and implements, I have watched young ladies lose their self confidence because their nails are damaged beyond repair.

I take pride in my work and always promote a healthy nail service. I strive to provide the most satisfying work leaving you feeling confident that your nail needs are my top priority. I opened Nellow Nails so I can provide the most quality service you can find. From natural nail care to artificial enhancements, I will change your nail care experience one nail at a time.

Book your appointment today, I promise I won’t disappoint you.

Independent Studio

Studio #19

Nellow Nails is an independent studio inside the brand-new Sola Salon near the heart of Canton. Offering Apres Gel X nail services and Pedicures. It is my goal to ensure ALL of your nail needs are satisfied. From the unique atmosphere, to the exceptional quality of individualized services, I strive to redefine your nail care experience.