Hello ! I am Adilene

Success is setting goals that feel true to who you are, not to what others expect of you, and that can change

I am 28yrs old, I have an 8 year old son he is my everything and all I want is to give him the world. I am currently a district manager for a financial institution. I love to try new thing and I am very adventurous.

A little of why MONAT changed my life. I started off by trying samples(goes back to me loving to try new things) and I absolutely love them. I was always self conscious about my skin, I’ve always had skin problems. Acne and acne scars were the reason I would wear make up everyday. I am happy to say I can finally go out wearing my bare skin. Let’s get into my hair, well first off I had curly hair and I decided to go blonde so we all know what happens to that, yup I fried my hair. MONAT came to the rescue and I can finally wear my hair with confidence and my natural curls are coming back ! So I thought to my self why not help others wear their hair and skin with confidence. So I decided to become a Market Partner to help YOU find the love for MONAT!

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